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A red C indicates that a particular gallery contains captions for each picture, consisting of an excerpt from the story in question.

• French Three Investigators editions:
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US Title

French Title



1 - Terror Castle Au rendez-vous des revenants


Jacques Poirier

1 - Terror Castle (2nd. ed) Au rendez-vous des revenants


Jacques Poirier

2 - Stuttering Parrot Le perroquet qui bégayait 1967

Jacques Poirier

2 - Stuttering Parrot (2nd. ed) Le perroquet qui bégayait 1977

Madeleine Prévost

3 - Whispering Mummy La momie qui chuchotait 1967

Jacques Poirier

4 - Green Ghost Le Chinois qui verdissait 1968 Jacques Poirier C
5 - Vanishing Treasure L'arc-en-ciel a pris la fuite 1969 Jacques Poirier C
6 - Skeleton Island Le spectre des chevaux de bois 1970 Jacques Poirier C
7 - Fiery Eye Treize bustes pour Auguste 1971 Jacques Poirier C
8 - Silver Spider Une araignée appelée à régner 1972 Jacques Poirier C
9 - Screaming Clock Les douze pendules de Théodule 1972 Jacques Poirier C
10 - Moaning Cave Le trombone du diable 1973 Jacques Poirier C
11 - Talking Skull Le crâne qui crânait 1984 Yves Beaujard  
12 - Laughing Shadow L'ombre qui éclairait tout 1983  Paul & Gaétan Brizzi  
13 - Crooked Cat Le chat qui clignait de l'oeil 1974 Jacques Poirier  
14 - Coughing Dragon Le dragon qui éternuait 1973 Jacques Poirier  
15 - Flaming Footprints L'aigle qui n'avait plus qu'une tête 1975 Jacques Poirier C
16 - Nervous Lion Le lion qui claquait des dents 1980 Françoise Pichard C
17 - Singing Serpent Le serpent qui fredonnait 1977 Jacques Poirier  
18 - Shrinking House Le tableau se met à table 1980 Françoise Pichard C
19 - Phantom Lake Le journal qui s'effeuillait 1976 Jacques Poirier C
20 - Monster Mountain L'insaisissable homme des neiges 1975 Jacques Poirier C
21 - Haunted Mirror Le miroir qui glaçait 1981 Françoise Pichard  
22 - Dead Man's Riddle Le testament énigmatique 1979 Françoise Pichard  
24 - Death Trap Mine La Mine qui ne payait pas de mine 1978

Jacques Poirier

25 - Dancing Devil Le démon qui dansait la gigue 1978

Jacques Poirier

26 - Headless Horse L'épée qui se tirait 1985 Yves Beaujard C
27 - Magic Circle L'éditeur qui méditait 1987 Yves Beaujard C
28 - Deadly Double La Saisie des sosies 1987 Yves Beaujard C
29 - Sinister Scarecrow L'épouvantable épouvantail 1981 Françoise Pichard C
30 - Shark Reef Le requin qui resquillait 1982 Michel Rouge  
31 - Scar-Faced Beggar L'aveugle qui en mettait plein la vue 1986 Yves Beaujard C
33 - Purple Pirate Le flibustier piraté 1986 Yves Beaujard C
35 - Kidnapped Whale La baleine emballée 1986 Yves Beaujard C

Title numbers 23, 32, 34, 36-41 and 43 were not published in France. #42 Wrecker's Rock was released in 1988, but internal illustrations were not included.

For a more comprehensive listing of the French series, including details of reprints and later editions, please visit Jonny Nilsson's excellent Varania website. Jon Preddle & Rowan Morrell also kindly assisted with the translation of the story titles.

The Artists

• Jacques Poirier:

Jacques Poirier was born in Canada in 1942, and was only 23 when he illustrated the French edition of Alfred Hitchcock's Solve-Them-Yourself Mysteries. The following year, in 1966, he worked on the first title in the Three Investigators series - The Secret of Terror Castle - which was also liberally populated with over 50 individual illustrations, many of which were in colour.

Mr Poirer continued his prodigious output for the series until 1979, at which point he had contributed over 900 illustrations in total to 18 of the books, plus a second edition of Terror Castle.

• Françoise Pichard:

A prolific illustrator of many different children's series', Françoise Pichard is more commonly known in France as 'Chard'. She is currently a cartoonist for the controversial French newspaper Rivarol.

• Yves Beaujard:

Born in France in 1939, Yves Beaujard lived in the United States for ten years, where he worked as an engraver, producing portraits of American presidents for US banknotes. After returning to France in 1977, he became an illustrator for many popular youth series, including The Three Investigators:

• Michel Rouge:

A French graphic artist renowned for his work on many different comic books, Michel Rouge was born in 1950.

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